X-Bats President on Baseball Talk

Bonds was one of the first to start using maple bats. Over the past
5-years more and more ballplayers have ditched their old ash bats for
the stronger and denser maple bats… Lately, they have been breaking
in an explosive manner that has caused some baseball people to call for
them to be outlawed… Jack Karsarjian president of X-Bats, the leader
in maple bat production joins us for a little chat… Cabbie’s “Fare of
the Week” and much much more!

So, join us Sunday (8/10) at 12:00 PM EST as we welcome Jack Karsarjian as our guest on BASEBALL TALK w/ Carl the Cabbie & Dugout Joe.
If you want to tune in live or listen at your own convenience, just
click on the link below. If you want to talk to Jack Karsarjian, the call
in # is 646-478-4570.

                    Baseball Talk w/Carl the Cabbie & Dugout Joe
                                            (Click above to listen)


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