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Exclusive Interview With Former Brooklyn Dodger Star Reliever and Jackie Robinson Teammate— Clyde King!

Exclusive Interview w/ former Brooklyn Dodger star reliever and teammate of Jackie Robinson— Clyde King at 12:00 PM Sunday!


If you want to start out your Sunday off in just the right way, join us from 12:00- 2:00 PM (4/20/08) on BASEBALL TALK Radio with your hosts Carl the
Cabbie & Dugout Joe. In honor of Jackie Robinson Day this past week, we will have on our show former Brooklyn Dodger star reliever, Clyde King. King played with the Dodgers in the 1940’s and early 50’s. he was a teammate of Jackie Robinson for 4 seasons. He was later a manager for the Braves, Giants and Yankees. His best season for the Dodgers was 1951, the same year that Bobby Thompson and the Giants broke Brooklyn’s heart.

We will also replay a segment of our interview a couple of weeks ago with Roger Kahn, the esteemed author of “The Boys of Summer”, a narrative about growing up next to Ebbets Field, working for the Herald Tribune
in the Jackie Robinson Years, and a collection of interviews with many
of the players long after they retired. If you want to discuss anything
about Mr. Kahn or ask Clyde King a question, call in between
1:00-2:00 PM at 646-478-4570. We promise you’ll get on!

If you want to listen live, or even if you wake up too late and miss
the live interview, you can always hear it any time you like by
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